Tuesday, May 24, 2016

End of Empire?

"The Iran Deal Wasn’t About Nukes At All".  This is very interesting, particularly the bribery funding of NPR and J Street.  Of course, you have to read it in light of the treasonous activity going on most of the time in Washington whereby Big Jew bribes officials for Wars For The Jews.  If the Big Idea is for Barry to hand over the keys to the Middle East to Russia and Iran - and I have to say current American activities in Syria and Libya make that thesis hard to believe - it parallels the British Empire handing over the same keys to the Americans at the end of the Suez Crisis, and indicates the acceptance of the End of Empire by top American strategists.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Shadow power

"Operation "looting of Greece" reaches final stage".  Massive public asset stripping by the German banks.  Greece is an experiment to see what they can get away with elsewhere.

"our oligarchy has killed off the remaining primaries".  Exit polls have proven to be an embarrassment to Hil's vote fraud project.

"Just What Were Donald Trump's Ties to the Mob?".  This description makes Trump look like the victim of a culture of corrupt mobsters and union leaders.

"Coup in Brazil: the International Connection"

"ONLY Donald Trump Raises Five “Fundamental and Urgent” Foreign Policy Questions"  "This is how fascism comes to America: Kagan"  "Merle Haggard vs. Eliot Cohen"

"Mr. Soros, a wise and generous philanthropist . . . ."  The 200 thou is an obvious anti-Trump initiative:  "VFP Granted $200,000 to Challenge Islamophobia".  It is ironic that Big Jew is fighting perceived American isolationism using a phony fear of the Islamophobia it pays for, and sad that VFP took the blood-money shekels.

[I]n Central Europe a shadow power exists, which is linked to George Soros, he is one of the most important sponsors of the Democratic Party, so I have to say that although the mouth belongs to Clinton, the voice belongs to George Soros.”

"Some Morally Defective 'Superpower' Claptrap"

"Syrian rebel whose group is linked to al Qaida visited U.S."  This is a good laugh all the way through.

"Being A Goy In The Jewish State" (Atzmon)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Effective altruism

The uplifting and inspiring story of two Canadians who work tirelessly to ensure the 0.1% pay the taxes they legally owe (ha, ha, ha!):  "Panama Papers anti-enablers: Two Canadians say they’re in the files for the right reason".

"Genetically modified salmon approved for consumption in Canada".  They are not labeling it, so all Canadians have to boycott all Canadian salmon until they put the requisite skull and crossbones on the poisonous shit.

"Ethics and the Eye of the Beholder"  ("Response to the Allegations by Fernanda Lopez Aguilar"):
"It has been a busy spring for Pogge. In late April, he spoke at the London School of Economics’ Africa Summit. On May 19, he talked about “effective altruism” at the University of Hong Kong, which advertised Pogge as “one of the most prominent figures in the contemporary academic debate on global justice.” In June, he’ll teach a master class at the University of Queensland in Australia, which called him “an exemplar of the best type of engaged political philosopher who tackles global problems and practices philosophically and practically.”"
It is supposed to be shocking that such an 'exemplar' would be skeevy, but, as we've seen throughout lefty trendy political philosophy (e.g., 'responsibility to protect'), these people are literally the worst monsters that mankind has produced. I'm not shocked at all.   A self-identified “thought leader”?  Who gives Ted Talks?  Run, run, run for your lives!

The Big Jew/Blairite attack on Corbyn is starting to eat its own:  "Rod Liddle and the Campaign Against Antisemitism".  Ideally, this kind of evil stunt should end with more and more people taking more and more deserved pride in their skepticism, as we obviously need a lot more skepticism.

Wars For The Jews:  "The US War Machine’s Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American a $1 Million Home".

"Thoughts on The Intercept’s new Leak Policy" and its comments.

"Brazil Coup Regime Moves to Change Definition of Slavery":
"Brazil’s new unelected government is looking to introduce new measures that would “soften the definition of slavery” in the country in what is being seen as a roll-back of many of the reforms introduced by the leftist government of President Dilma Rousseff.
The new measures will be introduced by the newly appointed Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi and are expected to worsen conditions for vulnerable workers in farming and food processing, according to a report by The Guardian Friday.
Maggi, one of the richest men in Brazil who owns the world’s largest Soya company, has proposed legislation that would separate “degrading conditions” and “exhausting shifts” from the definition of slavery, the newspaper reported, citing public record documents available online."
"The Guardian also reported that the controversial billionaire and his lobby group have also been seeking to reverse measures introduced by Rousseff that acknowledged several quilombolos (territories inhabited by the descendants of runaway slaves), created 56 million hectares of conservation land and recognized Indigenous claims on other areas."
"Famed feminist British historian refuses prestigious Israeli award". We've been told by so many immoral low-life graspers that it is wrong to pass up the shekels (something about 'fee free speech'!). There is no such thing as a 'prestigious' Israeli award.  There should be a truly prestigious award given to people so moral they turn down Judas blood-money shekels.

"I watched Hillary Clinton’s forces swipe Nevada: This is what the media’s not telling you":
"At 9:30, a full half hour before registration closed, Lange read the results of ballots that had been passed out to early arriving conventioneers regarding temporary rules for the convention, rules which would discount the results of the county convention (the second tier of the caucus process, where Bernie had won more delegates), rules which would require that all votes at the convention be decided by voice alone, and which ruled that the decision of the chairperson would be final. These temporary rules had passed with flying colors, which did not sit well with the Bernie delegates, many of whom had not been given ballots. Suddenly half the people of the room were on their feet, shouting “No!!!!” My son and I jumped to our feet as well, added our voices to the chorus. It felt good, all those voices of resistance vibrating through my body. I started to feel less like a cloud. I felt myself drop back into my body, surrounded by all these bodies yelling “No!”, feeling alive inside my skin.
Then people began to chant “Recount” and my son and I joined this call, too, throats aching, adrenaline coursing. Lange took the temporary rules to a voice vote. A hearty round of “Aye”s rose up from the Hillary side of the room, but when it was time for the “Nay” vote, the response was so loud, I felt it shake my every cell, felt it alter my heartbeat. The room was explosive with “Nay”s, roaring with it, and yet Lange decided in favor of the “Aye”s, which only set off more yelling."

"These 3 people just tore apart the Democratic Party".  Amazing.  With absolutely everything slanted in their favor, they still can't stop cheating.

"KING: Here’s why I’m leaving the Democratic Party after this presidential election and you should too":
"Did you know that Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was a co-chair of Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign against Obama, and is now the chair of the DNC, earlier this year did away with all of the restrictions on lobbyists that President Obama put in place?"

"The Clinton-Colombia Connection".  Lots of unsavory details.  Frank Guistra.

Clintonista scorched-earth policies: "Liberal Think Tank Fires Blogger for Rude Tweets".

"Jewish Daily Forward Addresses Legal Implications of the Organized Jew War Against Trump"  Their actions threaten their tax status.  Trump holds long grudges, so this could be important if he wins.

Naming the name:  "PM Orbán Accuses George Soros Of Masterminding American Left’s Pro-Migration Stance".

"US Downplays a New Syrian Massacre"  The State Department spokesman grew flustered as it is simply impossible for an American official to find an American national interest in Yinonization.

"Syria: “Left-Wing” Charlatans as Harbingers of Terrorism".

The magical bootstraps of the new emirate:  "Al Qaeda Goes to Syria: How to Build an Emirate Overnight"

"Crisis in Brazil"  A country, decimated by proportional representation, which could be saved by first-past-the-post voting.  Soon, Canada will be like Brazil.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Snowden documents

"German journalists about working with the Snowden documents" (note the obvious danger of allowing everything to be controlled by one source):
"In August 2013, Der Spiegel published charts from this tool that were initially interpreted as showing how many data NSA collected from several European countries. Soon, BND and NSA denied this and explained that the charts show data that European agencies provided to the Americans.

Holger Stark admitted that their initial interpretation was apparently not correct, but that there are still many questions about this issue. One of the difficulties was that NSA and US government were not willing to respond to questions about this program, so they decided to publish their best guess. Rosenbach added that major foreign papers also shared their initial interpretation (maybe because the wrong interpretation came from Greenwald?)."
"One document that wasn't published, but only reported about is the National Intelligence Priority Framework (NIPF), which contains the priorities for the US intelligence community as set by the White House.  . . . this bureaucratic process illustrates that NSA isn't an agency that went rogue, but that they are directed by the political information needs from the White House (something that was usually conveniently ignored)."
"The MONSTERMIND system was first disclosed in a very long interview that James Bamford had with Edward Snowden in August 2014. There, Snowden said that MONSTERMIND is a frightening program that automated "the process of hunting for the beginnings of a foreign cyberattack".

It could also automatically prevent attacks from entering the country, but its unique capability is that "instead of simply detecting and killing the malware at the point of entry, MonsterMind would automatically fire back, with no human involvement" - with the risk of hitting the wrong one, as Snowden warned.

The "killing" capability was also described in Eckert's documentary, but without mentioning the codename MONSTERMIND. It didn't became clear whether this just came from Snowden's recollection or that it's mentioned in the CYBERCOP presentation (or other documents)."
"Contrary to some claims made by the US government, there seemed to be little danger that these documents could endanger the lives of operatives or other people. The work that NSA does is highly technical and therefore the documents hardly contain any names. Most of the names they do contain are of authors, not of operative field agents."

Friday, May 20, 2016


"Ontario parliament rejects anti-BDS law"  "Private member’s bill over boycott of Israel defeated by MPPs"  Hudak is a piece of shit who would slit your throat in the middle of the night, but you'll be able to hear him coming with all the jingling shekels in his pocket.  This stealth Zio-fascism was a bit of Big Jew overreach.  Note that this is going to lead to a propaganda campaign carefully explaining to us why we shouldn't be mad at the people who pay to promote Zio-Fascism.

I'll just put this here:  "Ben Shapiro is Simply Shocked No One Cares About Anti-Semitic Trump Supporters":
"So then, to just say “Trump supporters are mad because Jews destroyed the economy and sent them to fight in wars for Israel” is not an argument against anti-Semitism – it is an argument for anti-Semitism."
"Ann Coulter OK with Jews who don’t “overwhelm our culture”"

"Nuland’s Visit to Moscow: Has the US Arch Neocon Lost Her Bearings?"

"Israeli Defense Minister Defends IDF Deputy Who Likened Trends in Israeli Society to 1930s Germany" "Israeli minister resigns after row with Netanyahu"

"Another source of Bibi's campaign funds?"

"Israel delivers demolition notices for EU-funded water tanks in Hebron"

"The heroism of US marines in Vietnam: As covered by Morley Safer "

"Syria - After Detours U.S. Finally Agrees To Russian Ceasefire Plan" On one of Barry's shoulders sits the giant devil of Big Jew, and on the other sits the little conflicted angel of John Kerry.

The Saudis are so bad that Qatar tends to get a free ride:  "Kooky Qatar — More dough than you can sheikh a stick at, Part 1 of 2".  Ignore the unnecessary pipeline discussion.

"Qatari regime and Saudi regime are battling it out in Ghutah to the benefit of the Syrian regime".  There have been sporadic reports that the various groups of 'moderates' aren't getting along, presumably differing on which human organs they prefer to eat.

"Is Trudeau Canadian enough?"  Trudeau fell for a Mulcair stunt.

The wall and the mass deportations were to get Trump's foot in the door as a viable candidate, but now that the door has been blown wide open . . . :  "Trump Surrogate Says Wall Will Be Virtual".

"Trump Protection" If Big Jew doesn't try to kill him, it will be because he has told then he is lying when he muses about isolationism.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mean, traitorous scum

Stealth Zio-fascism in Ontario:  "Ontario law would blacklist BDS activists"  "Bill before Ontario legislature falsely claims ‘primary purpose’ of BDS is to boycott Jewish Canadian businesses".

Nothing new in the world: 1973!:  "Abba Eban said that 'one of the chief tasks of any dialogue with the Gentile world is to prove that the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is not a distinction at all" linking to "Anatomy Of A Propaganda Blitz – Part 2: ‘Hitlergate’"  The big trick in the fine art of gentile management is to find a link to a greater right-wing cause, in this case neo-liberal anti-Corbynism, to allow World Jewry to piggy-back its violent racist group supremacist goals on a stronger and much larger base of evil.

"‘Make It Look Like It’s ISIS’: A Fake Bomb, a Would-Be Terrorist, and an FBI Sting in Miami"

"US anti-Muslim groups fund Europe’s Israel lobby"

"Conservative candidate makes vile Jewish racist slur against Ed Miliband"

"US Wants to Divide Iraq Into Three Parts"  Yinon.

"Hillary Clinton is A NeoCon" "Sanders Campaign Manager Accuses DNC Chair of Habitual Shade-Throwing"  Despite the pro-Hillary Gawker snark, the comments not paid for by Hillary are quite astute.

". . . and the evening ended with Sanders supporters throwing chairs and storming the stage when hotel officials told event organizers that they needed to clear out the convention." (Note that Marshall has given up all credibility as an impartial publisher in order to get Hillary elected).  "Reality Check: No Chair Was Thrown at NV DNC -- Video Proof"  "The Faux Fracas in Nevada: How a Reporter Manufactured a Riot".  Even by American 'journalism' standards, this is amazingly bad and corrupt lying.

"R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party" (a little too final a conclusion though, as Trump either loses or is revealed as a traitor to his supporters if he wins, thus returning the old guard to power):
"There was a time in this country – and many voters in places like Indiana and Michigan and Pennsylvania are old enough to remember it – when business leaders felt a patriotic responsibility to protect American jobs and communities. Mitt Romney's father, George, was such a leader, deeply concerned about the city of Detroit, where he built AMC cars.
But his son Mitt wasn't. That sense of noblesse oblige disappeared somewhere during the past generation, when the newly global employer class cut regular working stiffs loose, forcing them to compete with billions of foreigners without rights or political power who would eat toxic waste for five cents a day.
Then they hired politicians and intellectuals to sell the peasants in places like America on why this was the natural order of things. Unfortunately, the only people fit for this kind of work were mean, traitorous scum, the kind of people who in the military are always eventually bayoneted by their own troops. This is what happened to the Republicans, and even though the cost was a potential Trump presidency, man, was it something to watch."

"Saudi Arabia Delays Payment to Contractors, Considers IOUs: Liquidity Crunch at Best"

"Greek Pipeline Breakthrough To Challenge Russian Gas Dominance"  "US: Blatant Interference to Deprive Europe of Lucrative Gas Deals"

"The EU and the Deforestation of Ukraine"  Europeans can save money on lighting as the walls of their houses will glow.

"Pre-NATO Summit repression wave hits Poland; Piskorski arrested for "espionage""  Stirring up the New Cold War hysteria. "Navy releases video of Russian fighter jets buzzing destroyer"

"Elizabeth Holmes Admits Theranos' "Technology" Is A Fraud: Restates, Voids Years Of Test Results"  Nice list of 'news' stories propagating the grift.

"Crashed Egyptair Flight"

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Co-opting time

"Is Adelson Co-Opting Trump… Or Is Trump Co-Opting Adelson?"  "Breitbart, ‘Renegade Jews,’ And The Anti-Semitic Wing Of The Trump Movement"  "Jew Kristol Responds to Jew Horowitz’ Claim He’s a “Renegade Jew”"

"Kirk Fundraiser Hosted By Activist Who Compared Obama To False Messiah"  Details of the sausage-making.

"Canada’s Saudi Arms Sales: “Don’t Be a Sucker!”"  Shockingly few jobs are involved, particularly as the production lines would presumably find something else to do, but no doubt not as lucrative.  There is also a serious moral principle involved here, to be against whatever Conrad Black is for.

More details on the background to the coup in Brazil:  "The Feel of Bespoke Suits".

Makes perfect sense if your sole goal is to break a country up into statelets which would be no threat to Israel (also the only possible explanation for American policy in Syria):  "International Policy On Libya: Arm *Someone* And Hope For The Best"

"The forgotten coup in Australia"

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mutually assured destruction

"The Intercept Is Broadening Access to the Snowden Archive. Here’s Why":
  1. This reads like it was written by Greenwald's lawyer;
  2. Here's why?  Where is the answer to the 'why'?;
  3. Note that they run the releases through the NSA!!!!
"Panama Papers reveal George Soros' deep money ties to secretive weapons, intel investment firm"

"Soros Makes Gold His Largest Holding As He Cuts Equity Exposure To Lowest Since 2013, Doubles S&P Puts"  "Readers of IKN are worried about gold today..."

"America's Age Of Impunity"

Big Jew has issued the order for the expansion of the 'anti-Semite' attack on Corbyn to include Trump and associates.  "Breitbart Goes Full Anti-Semite?"  "Breitbart’s ‘Renegade Jew’ Disgrace"  "Renegade Conservative Site BREITBART’s Sin–Not Anti-Semitism, But Pro-Trumpism"  "The Death of an Epithet"

""Russia Did More 'Good' In 30 Days Than The US Did In A Year" - The Only Accredited Western Journalist In Damascus Speaks Up"

"Everything Israel does is part of a plan, not a forced ‘response’ to ‘terrorism’"

Trump on Epstein (also, in the light of Trump's known agent Scarborough throwing the Epstein bomb):
"Epstein likes to tell people that he's a loner, a man who's never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,'' Trump booms from a speakerphone. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it -- Jeffrey enjoys his social life.""

One of the oddities about the Mossad blackmail operation is that the power junkies want to be blackmailed.  It is the only way into the club of people who have a future in high-level politics.  Big Jew won't consider you unless you are blackmailable.

"San Francisco JCRC Steals “Nakba”" It is completely shocking that World Jewry hasn't obtained full intellectual property rights to the term and isn't going around using lawfare to shut all discussion of it down.  You know, 'Nakba Hummus', with the slogan 'It tastes like dead Palestinian children because it's made of dead Palestinian children'.

"An Ottawa woman and former "anti-vaxxer" whose seven children contracted whooping cough . . . "

Monday, May 16, 2016

I'd like to teach the 0.0001% to sing

"Were the Koch Brothers Behind the Impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff" "Dilma Rousseff Calls for Mobilizations to Overturn Coup".  Shutting the Olympics down completely just might get the attention of the 0.001%.

"Panama Papers: Should the Corporate Media Have Been Trusted?"

There is an elaborate coup going on in Venezuela which involves the 0.001% shutting down the economy:  "Venezuela's president says owners of idle factories risk jail time".  The state needs to permanently seize all non-productive assets.  The plutocrats will invest in creating the conditions for a coup in order to make their profits back on post-coup exploitation, but they can't make those profits if you seize their capital.

Note how this shekel-grasping fucker spins this into some kind of free speech thing while he actually is discouraging free speech (the second rule of Shekel Club is that you stand up for other members of Shekel Club).  Tweet (NJ.com):
".@POTUS Obama called out #Rutgers student for protesting Condoleezza Rice as graduation speaker in 2014"

They didn't prevent her from speaking, they embarrassed her into withdrawing by stating the simple facts of what a monster she is.

"Democracy Now Outed As Turkish/ Israeli Black Propaganda Site"

"Nakba Nullification".  Revisionism and denial.

"Wait! What? Trump Only Makes $500k a Year?"  Historians will call this the 'None of the above' Presidential election.

Trolling for shekels is not elegant:  "Bill Clinton: When Iraq Attacks Israel, “I’ll Get Down in the Trenches and Die”"  You have to wonder if the material gathered by Epstein, material which could put Bill in jail, is being used by Hillary against Bill.

A story that is about two decades late, as if they discovered it wedged between a desk and a wall where it had fallen, unnoticed, in 2003:  "From belief to resentment in Indiana"

Identity politics used as a trick to protect capitalism:  "Burying the White Working Class":
 "After decades of being told white workers would never support socialism because they’re racist, we’re now told that they support the socialist candidate because they are racist. Yes, this is where liberals are in the year 2016."

"IMO, there are not enough troops..."  The de-terrorization process in Syria is stalling again under the weight of the renewed enthusiasm of the Yinonizers.

Barry's on a sprint to build that 'legacy':  "Escalations in a New Cold War".  We have to see this, the obvious attacks on the BRICS and progressive governments, and the revitalization of neocon Yinonization in Syria, as part of a whole.

Tweet (raymond delauney) (scroll down for the similar assassination plot against Truman and George Galloway as Father Jack!):
"Our Zionist chums plotted to murder Churchill as he fought Hitler @georgegalloway #Palestine http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-two/8425271/MI5-files-Zionist-terrorist-plotted-to-kill-Winston-Churchill.html …"

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Water on Mars

"Report: GOP mega-donor Adelson to give Trump up to $100 million"

"Imperial Designs? Current US Ambassador to Brazil Served in Paraguay Prior to 2012 Coup"

"Christians in Iraq Baffled at How U.S. “Can Find Water on Mars”, Yet “Unable to Spot ISIS in the Desert”"

"CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953" (Madsen)

"Chicago Election Official Admits “Numbers Didn’t Match”: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Election Fraud Allegations":
". . . the entirety of the citizen monitoring discussion takes place after the BoE has already pulled a fast one to certify the election results without allowing time for objections from those who showed up to do just that . . .  You can see her visibly exhale in relief, as they have just certified the results and the public has not realized Special meeting is started (but they have already accepted the results). The entire rest of the video is essentially meaningless and just putting on a show for the public to air grievances with no legal recourse available. Really wish we could fix it, bureaucracy is bullshit. It’s all certified legally official before 2 minutes into the video."

Saturday, May 14, 2016


"Democrats, Too Clever by Half on Clinton"

"Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known"  "Bill’s secret ‘mistress,’ the ‘Energizer’"  "Did The Clinton Foundation Give $2 Million To Bill's "Energizer" Mistress?"

"Hedge Fund Billionaire Spends $13 Million Supporing Ted Cruz, Then Immediately Flips To Hillary Clinton".  "Early life and education".  "Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons".  Drooling in anticipation of many, many, many more Wars For The Jews:  "Is There a Hillary Doctrine?"

"Another US-Sponsored Coup? Brazil's New President Was An Embassy Informant For US Intelligence"  "WikiLeaks Exposes Newly “Selected” Brazilian President as Puppet for US Intelligence"  "Venezuela's Maduro: Rousseff Impeachment Trial 'Made in the USA'"

"Is There Any Backbone Left in the EU in the Face of Erdogan’s Blackmail?"

"Top Hizbullah Commander in Syria killed in Explosion" Probably Israeli targeted assassination by an illegal air strike on Syria.

"UK Labour member suspended for blog claiming Jews commit ‘genocide’ on British"

On the planned wrecking of Canada: "Andrew Potter: Our democratic reform minister doesn’t understand our democracy":
"As an account of the incentives that arise out of FPTP, it is exactly wrong. In fact, is systems of proportional representation (PR) that tend to give rise to issue-specific parties that target a narrow base of Canadians. That is why niche-issue parties like the Greens are so keen on moving to PR. Furthermore, if it is the building of a “consensus” you want, again you aren’t going to get it from PR. As narrowcast parties proliferate, the resulting parliament will be a beggar’s banquet of horse-trading, log-rolling, and gutter brinkmanship, with voters left looking on in anguish and impotence.
In contrast, the logic of FPTP inevitably leads to the creation of “big tent” parties that have comprehensive platforms designed to appeal to wide swaths of the country. And as the McGill law professor Daniel Weinstock argues in a new paper, this means that parties under FPTP tend to be excellent forums for deliberation and national consensus-building, as all the single-issue constituencies come to the table to get a hearing inside the tent.
In short, the virtues that Monsef wants to see in Canadian politics are pretty much already fulfilled by the current electoral system. Instead of wasting its time trying to find a new electoral system, her special committee would do well to figure out ways of helping Canadians understand the one we have."
"U.S., Britain, France block Russia bid to blacklist Syria rebels":
"So, here it is. Yet, there is one detail here that is missing and that is a very important one. As a real ME scholar (who would eat for breakfast any "expert" from Brookings or any other pseudo-think-tank) Evgeniy Satanovsky points out, all this relative terrorist calm in the US is mostly due to...well, I'll quote:
"Причина отсутствия резонансных терактов в США – негласный договор между Саудовской Аравией и Катаром, основными спонсорами джихадизма. Штаты решено не трогать, чтобы не рисковать повторением афганского и иракского сценариев ”
The reason for the absence of resonance terrorist acts in the USA is a mute agreement between Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are the main sponsors of jihadism. It is decided to not touch the US in order to avoid the risk of repeating Afghan or Iraq scenarios. (c)"

Friday, May 13, 2016

Propaganda everywhere

"Dilma out: Brazilian plutocracy sets 54mn votes on fire" (Escobar).  You have to assume the Soros plan is to move directly to pure dictatorship, as otherwise the next election cycle will ruin all his hard work.

I didn't know Soros wrote for the Atlantic:  "Venezuela Is Falling Apart".  You wreck a place with your various manipulations, and then blame the destruction on the government you want to replace.

"Anatomy of a Propaganda Blitz"

"Zionist Israel Hides Its Crimes Behind Its Smears of Truth-Tellers"  "Israel can commit crimes with impunity; condemn them at your peril"

"The Evolution of The War on Terror - An Israeli Mega-Fraud"  "Arnon Milchan Receives Legend Of Cinema Award From Warren Beatty – CinemaCon"

"Trump Slams US Wars in the Middle East"

"Purged, Hacked, Switched: On Election Fraud Allegations in Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders" It is ironic and delightful that the reason the Republican establishment wasn't able to block Trump, but Clinton seems to be ahead of Sanders, is that the Democrats were much better at vote fraud and vote suppression.  Of course, these vote totals are the cumulative result of individual decisions made at individual polls, and the fraudsters for Hil were determined, based on their obsession with identity politics, while their Republican counterparts were much less enthusiastic about laboring for Big Jew.

You have to marvel at the consistent gross stupidity of Eurotrash politicians. "U.S. activates Romanian missile defense site, angering Russia" "Europe Sells Out"

"Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation Over Missing $4 Billion in Global Corruption Probe"

Thursday, May 12, 2016


"Hillary Clinton, the Conveniently Negligent Queen":
"Case…closed? Not really. Seen from Europe and Asia, all these technicalities, the whole legalese web, do not even begin to breach the real story; how the State Department under Hillary Clinton was fully in the loop of the CIA running a rat line of smuggled weapons through Benghazi (so conveniently close to the US consulate), out of Libya and across Turkey straight to “moderate rebels” of the al-Qaeda-linked jihadi variety operating in to-be-regime-changed Syria. This, the real story, complete with bold elements of war crime, destruction of international law and flagrant abuse of power, has simply vanished. Just like those Hillary Clinton emails the State Department is “unable to locate”."
"Seymour Hersh Says He Doesn’t Know Whether Hillary Clinton Knew About the Sarin"  Hersh is right to be pissed, and I am putting Zuesse on my never read list.  This kind of obvious misinterpretation does not help the cause of seeking truth.

"Nuclear whistleblower faces fresh charges, 30 years on"  Every once in a while a reminder of how stupid we were to let the insane supremacist Jews have nukes.

"Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Immigration Records Reveal FBI Bombshell"

"‘Either Assad or we’ll burn the country’ – An excerpt from ‘Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War’".  I used to wonder whether the Saudis sponsored Mondoweiss, but I wonder no more.  Most comments aren't fooled by this Wahhabist crap.

"An American expert on terrorism advises Syrian rebels to keep their relationship with Al-Qa`idah at the covert level"  Using Twitter to send secret messages!

We consistently give the Jews what is essentially monopoly control over media and entertainment, and then assume, in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, that they won't misuse their power for their violent racist supremacist ends:  "Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel"

"Stranger than fiction: How to keep an antiwar movement down"

For future reference:  "Leaked Memo: Jordan’s King Reveals UK SAS Forces On The Ground In Syria, Israel Supports Nusra"

"Turkey Demands €3 Billion for Refugees, EU Says No"

"Dieudonné barred from entering Canada, returns to France"  When you live in a dictatorship, it is useful to know who dictates.

"Israel Independence Day Evokes Nazi-Era Slogan"

The Rhodes piece as a Zionist anti-Iran trick:  "Still at War with Iran-Nuke Deal"

Investigative journalism:  "America First Has Jews Feeling the Heat and Scheming for Your Shekels".  In the comments there is a reference to Kars-4-Kids.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

False-flag 'journalism'

"Visualizing the Most Miserable Countries in the World"  You'll note the BRICS in the list, and the common feature, except, perhaps, for Jamaica,  of obviously being victims of Zio-American scheming.  The list will no doubt have to be retracted as Palestine is described as a country, which is the equivalent of making all Jews into lampshades.

"The New Normal: Cold War 2.0" (Escobar).

Rhodes, the concentration camp guard, and Samuels are all blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionists, but the squabbling amongst the Jewish billionaires that let the Iran deal sort of slip through has led to trouble in paradise.  "Ben Rhodes Needs Some Fresh Air" and the hilarious "Ben Rhodes and the 'Retailing' of the Iran Deal".  The only reason that the world isn't even more fucked is that the Jews can't agree on how to manipulate us, with the problem with Rhodes being that he was just a little too honest about the manipulation.  Also:  "Washington establishment still reeling from Ben Rhodes profile " and "10 Problems With That New York Times Magazine Profile of White House Aide Ben Rhodes" and even ""State Dept.: Clinton IT aide's email archive is lost" The Hill".  Bunch of Jews arguing about the minutiae of gentile wrangling.

Speaking of gentile wrangling, the Master speaks:  "American Power Under Challenge" and "The Costs of Violence".  It is always amazing to see all the effort that is put into constricting a narrative to shield the guilty.  Comment by James N. Kennett.

"Did Pakistan poison a senior CIA official?"  Note how appropriate and just poisoning would have been:  "CIA organised fake vaccination drive to get Osama bin Laden's family DNA".

"Chilcot Inquiry Publication Delayed to “Avoid Embarrassing Tony Blair”" To avoid ruining Tony as an anti-Brexit spokesmodel.

"Syria: Iran Admits “Heavy Casualties”"  "How the media of Saudi princes work: the story of Iranian losses in Syria"  Iran is taking the de-terrorizing of Aleppo very seriously as a keystone in defeating Zio-American scheming.

"The Battle of Aleppo and Western Humanitarianism – Playing at a Corporate Media Near You".  It's false-flag 'journalism' - attributing atrocities committed by terrorists supported by the Zio-Americans to the only groups actually fighting terrorism, the Syrian government and its allies.

"The Altai-Xinjiang Water Pipeline, Color Revolutions, and Water Wars" (Korybko).

"Mohamed Bin Salman: The accidental Saudi “King”" "Saudi Arabia Is Suddenly Facing a Serious Catastrophe — Here’s Why"

"Turkey, At Energy Crossroads, Sliding Towards Authoritarianism"  "The Erdogan family business"  "What Next for Turkey After Erdogan Power Play? "

"Trump v. Disastrous US Triumphalism in Foreign Policy"  "The Donald's Foreign Policy"

"Trump: U.S. will never default 'because you print the money'"  "‘Just Print Dollars’ – Donald Trump Wants America to be Zimbabwe" by Louise Mensch.  (see "Louise Mensch adds yet another Twitter gaffe to her list" - note her own searches!).  Trump is correct, of course.

Nervous Clintonistas:  "Childe Donald to the Dark Tower Came: The “Crooked Clinton” Meme" and "Police report reflects the ugliness of the Trump era" and "Donald Trump and the Authoritarian Temptation"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Teddy Sagi

Well, he would have to deny it, wouldn't he?  Tweet (Yossi Melman):
"Labor leader Hertzog denies to me unsane websites' reports that he had said that Panama Papers would reveal Bibi got money from Saudi King"
Here's one of the results if you search Teddy Sagi.

Here's the evidence of similar Saudi money in Turkish elections: "How will Turkey explain $4.3 billion in unidentified foreign currency?"

Monday, May 09, 2016

The stripes of a wasp

"Philip Green, Jewish Criminality, and the Cost of Economic Parasitism, Part 2"  Spectacular opening sentence:  "Philip Green possesses an appearance so darkly befitting a caricature that one might see it, like the stripes of a wasp, as a warning from Nature itself.".  Read the whole thing, if only for self-preservation.  It is nothing short of amazing that we allow this kind of thing to go on.

"Hillary Clinton and the End of the Democratic Party".  If we could take him at his word (and I don't think we can), Trump is so far left of Hillary's politics that you would need the Hubble telescope to see from one to the other.

"On Sadiq Khan"  The usual, a real socialist who got bought on the road to power.

"Panama Papers Data Leak : King of Saudi Arabia sponsored Netanyahu’s campaign".  From a year ago:  "Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?".

"'Israeli annexation bombshell imminent'":
"Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia's former intelligence chief, and retired Israeli Army Maj. Gen. Yaakov Amidror, a former adviser to PM Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke in Washington Thursday night at a discussion arranged by The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
The two men, sitting side by side on a stage, generally impassive while the other spoke, sparred only gently over the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
"Cooperation between Arab countries and Israel in meeting threats, from wherever they come, whether Iran, is better fortified if there is peace between the Arab nations and Israel," Turki said.
Arab states, Amidror told Turki, should "cooperate with Israel instead of dictating" to it. He urged regional leaders to "think outside the box" and suggested the Arab world form an "umbrella of cooperation" with Israel."
"How the corrupt Kurdish tribal Mafias of Kurdistan government are aligned with the Israeli lobby"

"Battle for Aleppo: Washington Openly Supports Al Qaeda" I think we've reached Peak Cognitive Dissonance, and no one's head has blown up.

Ha!:  "Millions of pounds of British aid to Syria 'may have fallen into the hands of terrorist groups'"

""If it wouldn't gross you out, I would eat right out of this shovel.""

"Panama Papers: Curated list of names to be released in tax haven scandal".  'Curated'.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Dogs to the office

"Israeli Justice Minister: It’s Anti-Semitic To Ever Criticize Israel"  This is the bottom line.  I'm getting very tired of being Jewsplained just what constitutes phony, and real, anti-Semitism.  Fuck it.  It is pure political manipulation for the most evil of purposes, and we should all roll on the floor laughing whenever the term is used for any reason.

"The UK Local Elections in Three Paragraphs" (Atzmon).  Except in Scotland, where independence is still the issue, Labour did quite well in the face of a sustained attack by Big Jew and the Blairites.

"Blood Libel is Back! And This Time It's Not Little Kids"

"Our Awful Elites Gutted America. Now They Dare Ring Alarms About Trump, Sanders—And Cast Themselves as Saviors" (note how Hillary's cultural identity politics is the exact counterpart to Republican 'social values' politics, an identical trick/mistake; also, as the white supremacists will accurately tell you, the 'academic, publishing, and media ecospheres' means Jews):
"The worst offenders of all are the American left’s cultural warriors, who daily wage some new battle over some imagined cultural offense, which has nothing to do with the lives of normal people but only the highly tuned sensibilities of those in the academic, publishing, and media ecospheres."

"The West Negotiates with former Al Qaeda Leader to Empower the Unity Government in Libya".  It is funny how many of these guys pass through a CIA jail and come out the other end as Zio-American imperial allies.

Not much hope:  "Ivy League economist ethnically profiled, interrogated for doing math on American Airlines flight".

"Trump: Hillary is the War Candidate"  "Donald Trump and the Iraq War"

"How Obama ‘Legalized’ the War on Terror"  The system is set up so any ethical or legal outrage can be blessed with a single legal opinion, yet everybody knows that lawyers give these opinions out like candy if they are paid enough.  It's like doctors presiding over torture - we've decided to allow the most immoral of the professional classes that are known for a complete lack of morality to make the decisions on huge issues in society.  If Barry happens, by some wild chance, to run into an honest lawyer or decent doctor, he just finds a new one (or doesn't bother to ask).  The idea that we can obtain some measure of ethical regulation by participation of professionals fails when the professional classes have been as crappified as everything else.

"Erdogan “Prince of Europe” Rejects EU Demands to Reform Terrorist Law".  Europe could shut the entire Turkish economy down overnight if it chose to, so one has to conclude that the Eurotrash leaders are completely happy with the choices that Erdoğan is making for them.

"Where does the money come from? Erdogan children’s immeasurable wealth questioned by German Bild":
"Erdogan has yet to appoint Davutoglu’s successor, but as the President will no doubt want his replacement to be more malleable, it is speculated that Erdogan’s son-in-law, Energy Minister Berat Albayrak, might have what it takes."
"US Magazine: Soros Cabal assisted by US Govt shakes Macedonia"

Welfare king:  "The King Of Crony Capitalism"

"Daniel Lazare".  Lazare is an excellent writer and not a Wahhabist, so when I saw the title I knew what was going to happen!

Tweet (Cryptome)  (I think it is wonderful that the peeping toms and panty thieves now have a workplace, a 'safe space', where they can be safe and appreciated):
"What is the most rewarding or the best aspect about working at NSA? https://www.nsa.gov/news-features/news-stories/2016/2016-public-service-recognition-week.shtml …"

Saturday, May 07, 2016


"America's Outrageous Ultimatum: Syria as the Libya of the Levant"  Barry really needs those unemployment shekels so he will keep pushing for Yinonization.

"After the Recent Battles in Syria and Iraq, How Close Is Isis to Losing the War?"  The comments should be deeply embarrassing to Cockburn.

"US Foreign Policy calls Palmyra concert "Putin's propaganda"".  It certainly was, and spectacularly successful at embarrassing the Americans for their pretend war on ISIS.

"When Liberals Run Out of Patience: the Impolite Exile of Seymour Hersh"

"New Insights into Bin Laden Operation" This takes the facts of the Hersh story as a given.

"The ontology of Osama bin Laden" (2009)

"Labour is One Step Away from Book-burning"  Corbyn has been consistently deplorable.

The Rothschild Manifesto:  "“John Doe’s Manifesto”: Panama Papers Source Blasts Lack of Media Interest, Calls for Prosecutions, Whistleblower Protection"  Note the slurring of WikiLeaks and the call for a legal attack on the Rothschild competition.

"Philip Green, Jewish Criminality, and the Cost of Economic Parasitism, Part 1: The Wider Context of Jewish White Collar Crime"  People really need to ponder the remarkable consistency in the criminality:
"The general features of this profile may be said to involve a marked disposition towards membership of the “super rich,” extravagant use of the “Ponzi” or “pyramid scheme” model, tactical use of bankruptcy, disproportionate use of credit as capital, tax evasion, bank or insurance fraud, fraudulent claims on public money, the use of multiple business names to obscure individual culpability, the exploitation of legal loopholes, the laundering of money via Jewish organizations, the use of Israel as a haven from prosecution, and a complex interplay between Jewish business and Jewish communal and national politics — often involving the formation of alliances with elite politicians. Typically, this latter factor results in the total avoidance of prosecution, or very lenient criminal sentences including early release from prison."

Friday, May 06, 2016


"After presiding over bin Laden raid, CIA chief in Pakistan came home suspecting he was poisoned by ISI"

"Sheldon Adelson Says He Will Support Donald Trump"

"Hot Air in the Saudi Desert: a Kingdom in Descent?"

"US not to sell F-35 fighter jets to Arab countries: Report". They get to keep using the far, far, far superior F-16.

"Syria: An "Airstrike" That Wasn't One".  Also, no conceivable motive for either the Syrians or the Russians to do this, but a huge motive for the Yinonists to create more lying propaganda.

#DropOutHillary  Complete inertia is what both parties want.  They have to keep hiding the fact that the cost of the numerous Wars For The Jews has made the country ungovernable.

"The 10 most unsolvable unsolved disappearances"

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Any sufficiently advanced technology

"Hitler the Ultra Zionist!" by Gilad Atzmon.

Not just walking it back, but suggesting that blaming the Jews for a Blairite attack on Corbyn is somehow anti-Semitism!!!:  "How UK Labour moderates played the Jewish card, and why they used us to do it"

Note the extreme weakness of the counterattack:  "Prominent scholars blast theory tracing Ashkenazi Jews to Turkey".  Also note in particular the lie in the title - the Khazars aren't from Turkey, they are from southern Russia.  They are European 'whites', actual 'caucasians' (which is presumably why Dr. Duke is so much against the thesis). 

"Why That Actually Could Be Rafael Cruz With Lee Harvey Oswald".    They try to turn this into a joke but it is not.

"What We REALLY Know About the 9/11 Defendants"

"Why the US Will Not Sign the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea"

"Beyond Schadenfreude, the Spectacular Pundit Failure on Trump Is Worth Remembering"  It is not that they were mistaken - they were trying to use their political position as 'respected journalists' to influence the race.  It's worked for Hillary, and the only reason it didn't work against Trump is that there was significantly less vote fraud in the Republican contests.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic propaganda:  "Anne Frank's story to be told in VR".

"About Bias and Propaganda on Syria" "Russia: US Tried to Include al-Qaeda Territory in Aleppo Ceasefire"

"The Left: Business Accommodation and Social Debacle" by James Petras.

Gaia as ironist: "An Out-of-Control Wildfire Has Forced an Entire City in Canada to Evacuate":  ". . . the single largest oil deposit in the world." 

Already happening as the Yinonites used the Syrian drought to cause the war/refugee crisis:  "Will Climate Change make the Mideast Uninhabitable & trigger mass exodus?"

Tweet (Jennifer Rubin):
"Ron Paul as secretary of state #thingstoworryabout"

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


"Forget Gene Sharp, John Carlarne Is The New Color Revolution Chief"

"Aleppo: US NATO False Flags, Lies and Propaganda"

"Turkey’s “Safe Zone” Politics is Not Over Yet"

"Transparency International and judging corruption in the Arab world".  It is not corruption if everybody understands that the taking is legal.

"TTIP expected to fail after US demands revealed in unprecedented leak".  How many, many times have we been told that it is certain to fail, yet the various traitors working on it continue to act as if it is certain to happen?

"TTIP—American Economic Imperialism"  Barry and the US 0.1% need this thievery badly.

"Life-long Tory voter switches to Labour after Zac Goldsmith’s “repulsive” campaign".  If the Jews keep pushing we may reach a state of nirvana, i.e., universal Jew-skepticism.

"Britain’s accidental “red pill” moment"

"The strong reek of anti-Semitism calls British values into question"  Reek?

"How The NY Times Whitewashes the Scandal of Israel’s Child Prisoners"

"EXCLUSIVE: Trump insists Israel should keep building West Bank settlements as he says Netanyahu should 'keep moving forward' because Palestinians fired 'thousands of missiles' at Jewish state"

"Inside the Assassination Complex"  I see no change in American government actions or policy.  Arguably, things are worse, as the illegal actions are now taken in the face of more knowledge of what is going on.

Tweet (Stevie Van Zandt) (and here, but certainly not here):
"You and the other Israel boycotters are politically ignorant obnoxious idiots. Israel is one of our two friends>"

Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"Panama Papers not to be published or given to police/lawyers as money is moved and evidence destroyed http://www.dw.com/en/from-germany-to-the-us-authorities-want-access-to-panama-papers/a-19209191 …"
A film review: "Michael Moore's new movie, "Where to Invade Next"". Remember where Moore gets his financing.

The Angry Arab sees himself like some kind of medieval pope, excommunicating on a whim.  Note the laughably slender, but Zionist, grounds used here:  "From my own standpoint, Naz Shah does not belong to our pro-Palestine cause".  Of course the Jews were 'rallying' to the poll, they make public appeals for votes on social media!   The Jews, unlike their opponents, stick together.

Nazis everywhere:  "Mizzou Officials Silent on Anti-Semitism Complaints– Spoke Out For Black Students"

"Foreign Policy Shift: Skepticism of German-Israeli Friendship Growing in Berlin"  You've got to love Bibi's minions announcing Merkel's policies.

The exit poll discrepancies are striking, and enough to flip the race:  "Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud".  This looks like an identity politics conspiracy coup, with people in positions of power at low but important levels of the election process, blacks and women, systematically committing vote fraud for Clinton, while the vote suppression is conducted at the highest levels of the Democratic Party.  Needless to say, this isn't happening as it won't be reported anywhere.

Tweet (Andrew Auernheimer):
"Why is no message signed that firmly establishes identity, before going to press? Craig Wright lies. This is a con job."
Tweet (Andrew Kadi) (PEN 'leadership' is an ultra-Zionist joke, no shock given Jewish dominance of the publishing industry, and writers know where their bread is buttered):
"SAME MONTH=&>@PENAmerican on Israel boycott vs letter 2 @enriqueiglesias on Azerbaijan boycott. #PENFest #bds"
"Refugees revive fading Italian villages"

So hilarious:  "The Increasing Problem With the Misinformed"

Monday, May 02, 2016

Skeptics unconvinced

"Australian Craig Wright Reveals Himself As Bitcoin Crator "Satoshi Nakamoto"; Skeptics Unconvinced"  The cumulative weight of all these false leads leads me to think bitcoin was the work of an intelligence agency.  Another honey pot?

"Reasons to Doubt the Official Osama Raid Story — Five Years Later"  If they put bin Laden's live body in the helicopter, and the helicopter then crashed due to Navy incompetence (and the helicopter crash and subsequent instant clean up of the debris remains an unexplained huge issue), the entire story would have had to be rewritten to protect Barry from the kind of helicopter problem that plagued Jimmy Carter in the attempted Iran hostage rescue.  Remember this whole stunt was a ploy to get Barry reelected, and an embarrassment with helicopters cost Carter an election, something not lost on Democrat election strategists.

"British "Spies" Among Thousands Of names Exposed Following Massive Leak At Largest Mid-East Bank".  If you click on the Cryptome zip you get this:
"April 2016 Alleged QNB hack
The file you are trying to reach has been temporarily disabled. It allegedly contains user emails, account numbers and other sensitive data of QNB customers. We must first re-evaluate the contents before we can make the file available again. Thank you for your understanding."

"Aleppo Doctor Attacks Western Media for Bias, Censorship and Lies"

"More on Hitler's support for Zionism"  "Zionists Offered to Fight for Nazis"  The good that has come out of Corbyn's bungling is that the world now knows that Adolf Hitler is the spiritual King of the Jews. Violent racist supremacists are birds of a feather who flock together.  National Socialism didn't die, it just moved to a patch of stolen land in the Middle East.

"“. . . that little red circle.”"

"‘Her absurd generals, her military junk’ — Daniel Berrigan’s prophetic speech on Israel in ’73"

Sunday, May 01, 2016


Rare climate for historical accuracy:  "Zionism and the Third Reich" and, apart from the obvious made-up nonsense about the Grand Mufti,  "Netanyahu: Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the Jews".  Israel really should put Adolf on all its stamps and currency.

"How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis"  Meticulous, but note how it is ruined by the gratuitous drive-by slurring of Atzmon, with the implication that Atzmon is working as an agent of Big Jew, ironically the same sarcastic claim made by Yair Rosenberg about Ken Livingstone.

PEN, Ultra-Zionist stooge:  "PEN urges boycott of Azerbaijan over political prisoners while it blocks boycott of Israel".  Note how Big Jew arranges to get its operatives in place everywhere, and thus wrecks everything.

This could be the game changer, if true:  "“Syrian, Iraqi armies launch joint campaign to defeat ISIS: analysis” - TTG".  Is this also part of a bigger plan?:  "A Protest That Signals the Demise of Iraq’s Political System".

"America to the Rescue of Al Qaeda in Syria: Washington Opposes Placing Saudi, Turkish ‘Proxies’ on UN Terror List".  GWOT?  Ha!  "Syria: The Real US-NATO Creators of Hell in Aleppo"

"The CIA’s Plan B for Syria: Supporting Al Qaeda ["Moderate Terrorists"], Repeating the Mistake of Afghanistan"  Plan B is Modified Yinon.

"The Observer Calls on the Benign Empire to Fix Syria"

I'm thinking there is only one obvious choice for the face of the American $20 bill, the greatest American military leader since, well, ever, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  The street term for a twenty will be a 'dadi'.

"Invasion and the Wrecking of Libya"  Obvious obviousness is obvious, predictable consequences were predicted.  Europeans should take to heart the disappointing fact that improper lying analysis, calling a War For The Jews 'humanitarian intervention' or a 'war for oil', leads directly to very tragic consequences.  Fixing a problem caused by a War For The Jews with yet another War For The Jews will just bring more tragedy.

"President Obama: The Race for the Imperial Legacy"

"Trump Sued By Teen ‘Sex Slave’ For Alleged ‘Rape’ — Donald Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Suit".  From 2004:  "Radar Magazine Lines Up Financing" (sounds Mossad to me):
"Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the owner of The Daily News, and Jeffrey Epstein, a Wall Street financier, yesterday agreed to finance Radar, a celebrity and pop culture magazine that published two test issues last year.
Two executives involved in the negotiations said the backers, who were part of an unsuccessful bid for New York magazine last year, are committed to spending up to $25 million to back Radar and Maer Roshan, its editor in chief and founder."